Yousef Al Jasmi fall/winter 2015

Yousef Al Jasmi is a fashion designer from Kuwait. He blends in well with popular designers like Zuhair Murad and Charbel Zoe who are also from the Middle East. His pieces have been worn by Jennifer Lopez, Lady GaGa and Taylor Swift to name a few.

Earlier this month Yousef presented his fall/winter 2015 collection in Dubai. The collection, like always, features lots of sparkle.

My favorite looks:


Villain edition part 1: Cruella de Vil

I always had a thing for villains, even as a kid. While other children were gushing over the prince and princess my heart started beating faster seeing the villain on screen.

Probably because of the fact the outfits of the villains were usually extravangant. You see my fashion sense started at a young age.

My ultimate favorite villain must be Cruella de Vil. The attitude, the beautiful fur coat, her temper… well let’s say a woman with personality!