Villain edition part 1: Cruella de Vil

I always had a thing for villains, even as a kid. While other children were gushing over the prince and princess my heart started beating faster seeing the villain on screen.

Probably because of the fact the outfits of the villains were usually extravangant. You see my fashion sense started at a young age.

My ultimate favorite villain must be Cruella de Vil. The attitude, the beautiful fur coat, her temper… well let’s say a woman with personality!



Art by naturel

I’m totally crazy about Naturel’s art designs. His designs have an urban feel overall and you can tell he is really inspired by the hip hop community. From Givenchy to Kanye West to bedazzled jewelry pieces to the classic Timberlands you can find all of it in his pieces. To me it has also a little bit of a pop art feel to it. It looks very modern and I would really love to have of few of his works on my wall.

Some of my favorite designs are featured below.




Pictures taken from his Instagram account. If you’re interested in buying his art check