Hot sneaker: Balenciaga metal high

I love a good sneaker and a bold statement. Came across these flashy Balenciaga metal high sneaker. They look fresh and I like the metallic fabric. 

Thing is, I guess I have to see them in person to really see if I would like to buy them or not. Pictures do look very promising though!


Hype shoe: Yeezy Boost

After designing, very successful, sneakers for Nike and Louis Vuitton Kanye West teamed up with Adidas this time. The highly anticipated Yeezy Boost shoe will be released February 14 in New York.

Adidas created the Confirmed up in order to make a reservation for the much hyped about sneaker. Reservations are only available for people in the NYC area though. No word yet about the rest of the world.

Besides these sneakers Kanye also designed clothing for Adidas, rumored is that his collection will feature about 30 pieces. The full collection will be revealed at a New York fashion week event this Thursday.

Sneaker spotlight Giuseppe Zanotti

A true shoe lover, that’s me without a doubt. Today I would like to point out an upcoming sneaker by Giuseppe Zanotti:


The sneaker is from the spring/summer 2015 collection. I like the white combined with gold. Especially the details are amazing to me, like the gold shoelace effect. This hightop sneaker is a mix of urban, luxury and freshness. Mr. Zanotti did it again and I hope to add this one to my collection!

Louboutin men picks

I’m a real shoe lover myself. As a man you can distinguish yourself by your shoes in my opinion. Make a statement and dare to be different. That’s one of the reasons why I’m obsessed with Christian Louboutin. From studs, spikes, prints, python skin, strass and metallic the French designer has everything to offer. I picked my favorite pairs from the red bottom’s current collection.

christianlouboutin-gareth-1140227_C040_1_1200x1200 christianlouboutin-louis-1140497_WH43_1_1200x1200 christianlouboutin-louis-1150163_G019_1_1200x1200 christianlouboutin-rantusflat-3140273_F038_1_1200x1200_2 christianlouboutin-rantusflat-3140275_M024_1_1200x1200 christianlouboutin-rollerboat-3120490_3047_1_1200x1200 christianlouboutin-rollerboy-1130462_CM53_1_1200x1200

All available on (all pictures from official website)